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Mystery Reader

posted by LaToya on October 23, 2014


Recently my hubby was asked to speak to Katelyn’s preschool (3y/o) class during community helper week. He is a physician so he decided to talk to the class about getting a check-up and avoiding germs. Katelyn had no idea that her dad was coming to speak to the class. He walks in (has on his dr.s coat) and begins the presentation.

Dr. Dad: Can anyone guess what I do?

*several students raise their hands including Katelyn*

Dr. Dad: Katelyn can you tell your friends what I do?

Katelyn: (very proud) You make coins and dollars for mommy and Katelyn!!

*all of the teachers erupt in instant laughter.*

I honestly can not recall ever using the phrase “coins and dollars”. Who knows where she heard this. Kids truly say the darndest things! And they can be so literal. Gotta love them.

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