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30-Day Relationship Challenge

posted by LaToya on October 4, 2016

For some reason my FB timeline has been filled with random relationship challenges lately. Maybe you’ve seen them too. The 30-day one’s that are supposed to bring the spice and romance back to your relationship and build a stronger bond by challenging yourself to some daily activity. I literally laughed out loud at the most recent one that I received. It was overwhelmingly clear that whomever created this challenge was NOT married nor did they have any children…I questioned whether they even had jobs.

Case in point, one challenge asked us to take a day trip to the place we first kissed… um sir/ma’am that would put me in another city two states over. Do you know how much coordination and chaos goes into a car ride with my 2 munchkins. Ohh were you suggesting I get a babysitter for the entire day while we go traipsing across state lines? Yea not happening. Another one asked us to stay up late chatting on the phone about our hopes/dreams. Say what? We live together. Why would I call him? That is soo o 2000 when we lived in the dorm room. (Shout out to VU). And furthermore if we’re staying up late, best believe it isn’t to talk on anyone’s phone. Then I got one that instructed us to have sex for 30 days! HA! Let me repeat that HA! And once more for the people in the back: HAHAHHAHAHA!!! We have jobs. We have TWO kids. We are tired. What in the world?!? Who has time for this every day? I didn’t even read past day 3 on that one.

After being utterly offended by the audacity of these relationship challenges, I came up with my own. I call it the 30 Day Al & Peggy Bundy Challenge (as in Married with Children). They are one of the most dysfunctional iconic families of my youth and dare I say it…we all are a bit dysfunctional in more ways than one. I won’t lie and tell you it will make your relationship stronger or add more spice. It may however add some comedy to your day. Actually some days might be VERY ambitious because these little people rule the roost. But there is magic in teaming up with your spouse to ensure the parent – kid score stays relatively even.  Enjoy! Let me know what you think in the comments below. If you actually try it you definitely have to come back and update us on your efforts! And remember caring is sharing!




  • Kaila (Janai)

    Your posts make my day. This is doable

    • LaToya

      Kaila a good friend suggested that I amend a few days to read: “Oops I forgot I was doing a challenge. Let me start over.” Ahahahhahaa. It’s soo appropriate too considering I forget some of everything while juggling so much.

  • Ayesha

    Ha! I love this!

    • LaToya

      Glad you enjoyed Ayesha! Thanks for taking the time to read! You know you have to come back and let us know if you give any of these a try! 🙂

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