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What doing mommy?” I promise my then 20 mo. old daughter managed to ask me that at least tenHarris Family times a day. It was the cutest thing ever. But one frazzled afternoon she asked and I stopped and I remember replying, “I actually don’t know baby but at least we’re still breathing!” I truly believe that if moms were 100% honest they would have to admit that most times they have NO idea just what they are doing! There is no manual and likewise there is no perfect way to mother.

What Doing Mommy was born from my personal revelation that I will never have all the answers but I must trust that I am already equipped to be the best mom for my child. I often wondered how many other new moms felt like they too were flying by the seat of their pants; essentially winging it on a daily basis. I had the desire to create a space to connect with other new moms on the same journey. It would be a place to encourage and celebrate new moms through my personal experiences as well as unique interviews and narratives from other moms. My hope is that What Doing Mommy will be a safe, judgment free space for moms to connect, share and learn as we all navigate one of life’s most rewarding yet challenging and vulnerable times.


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I am one of a few born and raised Atlanta, GA natives. I’ve moved around a bit pursuing degrees and life lessons but am now settled in Evans, GA (two hours outside of Atlanta) with my husband DJ, a physician, and our two-year old daughter Katelyn. (UPDATE: I gave birth to my son Carter July 2014. Officially D-O-N-E!) I have worked full-time in various roles with the Dept. of Veterans Affairs since 2004. I also manage to work part-time as Adjunct Faculty for Kaplan University.

 I have a doctorate in public health (DrPH) from the University of Pittsburgh. A master’s of public health (MPH) from Mercer School of Medicine in Macon, GA and a bachelor of arts in English from Vanderbilt University (where DJ and I met- GO DORES)! I love traveling. I LOVE LOVE to eat. I also enjoy the occasional mindless tv show (think Real Housewives of Anything, SYTYCD, etc). I have found that I am very passionate about reading, writing and storytelling. I am also thoroughly enjoying motherhood! Now that’s not to say that every moment has been a walk in the park filled with butterflies, unicorns and fairy dust. I’ve certainly had my share of challenges but all in all I must say that I love my role as a Mom. Once I realized and accepted that being a mom is neither art nor science the stress of doing things perfectly all the time was lifted. Instead I believe that God has given me everything I need to be a great mom. I let go of others expectations of how my “mothering” should be and I trust my instincts because after all Mommy Knows Best!

I hope you enjoy the site! Please visit often. Feel free to fully engage by leaving your own comments! I love the feedback and other moms will appreciate you sharing your experience.