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Say Whaaaa?

posted by LaToya on March 26, 2015

When I was pregnant, I was amazed at the amount of attention I received from total strangers. Most of it was refreshing as people would hold doors open, give up seats, stay open late (in the case of Dunkin Donuts) or simply offer best wishes as they passed by. It was definitely one of the positives of being pregnant. But then there were those five percenters that clearly had no idea what to say or maybe they just didn’t care. Either way their comments made me cringe and roll my eyes and wonder who raised them! I could not believe some of the things that people actually said as if they had never encountered a pregnant woman before. I was even more flabbergasted when said things came from another mom who should know better. Now that I have several friends that have recently given birth or are expecting I’m hearing even more examples of “people gone stupid” and saying things a pregnant woman absolutely does NOT want to hear. Here are a few of my favorites…

  1. Oh wow! Your belly is HUGE! Are you sure you’re not having more than one?
  2. You look like you aren’t getting any sleep. You should rest now before the baby gets here.
  3. Did you say you’re having a girl (boy)? Nope you look like you are having a boy. They make mistakes with those tests you know.
  4. You’re going to be pregnant the ENTIRE summer. It’s going to be H-O-T! You will be soo uncomfortable.
  5. Did I ever tell you about my friend that labored for 54hrs and had a 3inch tear? And her epidural did NOT work. Girrllll…
  6. Your baby is definitely going to be at least 9lbs! Start doing kegels now.
  7. You look like you are about to burst/pop! When did they say you were due? You’re not going to make that date.
  8. Ohhh I see your nose is spreading and your neck is getting darker. Have you gotten stretch marks yet? That’s next. Just wait. Oh the joys of pregnancy.
  9. You are owning that waddle aren’t you?
  10. You’re soo tiny to be ___wks.
  11. You mean you’re STILL pregnant! You didn’t have that baby yet?!?

Don’t get me wrong I understand that pregnant women are like the 8th world wonder. There is actually a human growing inside another human standing right in front of you. That is pretty damn amazing! However, if you don’t have anything great or supportive to say just smile and say congratulations. Making comments that state the obvious (believe me she knows she is huge), or that are rude (look how swollen you are) or plain old nonsensical (is there really a baby in there?) are just annoying. For a pregnant woman dealing with fluctuating hormones, an ever changing body and insatiable hunger…ANNOYING = NOT GOOD!

If you are guilty of having said any of the above please, know that you were talked about! All is forgiven, now but please please spare the next pregnant woman. This concludes this public service announcement.

I would love to hear some of the craziest or funniest things someone said to you during pregnancy? Share in the comments below! We could all use the laugh!


  • Christen Miller

    I had a nurse tell me around 3-4 months pregnant that it wasn’t a baby bump yet, it was fat (I wasn’t overweight pre-pregnancy and struggled to gain the recommended amount during the pregnancy smh).

    I also had a person tell me I looked too small for _weeks and another tell me I looked like I was having twins in the same week…sigh (people don’t know what to say, but HAVE to say something).

    • LaToya

      Say whaaaa!!! thats crazy Christen and so insensitive. I agree the bump compels them to say something…ANYTHING. Thanks for stopping by and joining the convo! Appreciate it.

  • Laura

    Oh goodness! All but two of the listed comments were said to me this last go ’round. Although the most offensive was said by an older gentleman. So I gave him a semi-pass.

    Now, my rule of thumb is to a.) not say anything b.) be complimentary. Everyone likes to be flattered; no one feels amazing during those 10 months.

    Thanks for putting into words something that we’ve all suffered from! 😉

    • LaToya

      All but two?!? WOW. Sooo PIDOM (pregnancy induced diarrhea of the mouth) is rampant! LOL. We need a t-shirt with your rules on it! Thanks for stopping by Laura!

  • Jazmine

    I was 3-4 months and was told you don’t look like your having twins (my first pregnancy) i found out i was expecting twins and almost fainted around 6 weeks that i was having twins. So around 6-7 months the same people said are you sure there’s not three in there? I finally had enough because it was a continuous thing and said here I will make you a deal if there’s three then you can have the third one when it gets here. Never heard another word about “are you sure its not three”.

    • LaToya

      That is a good one Jazmine! HA! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Angelica

    My hated comment was when I was approximately 30 pounds heavier and 8 months pregnant. I was tired and in pain from the extra weight and the baby. People would say, “You are still tiny, I haven’t weighed that much since I was in high school.” UMMMMM well clearly I have never weighed that much and my body is small framed AND being ran by another human. That was theeee worst. Like I shouldn’t be complaining about extra weight and a whole baby because you have always been big. Excuse me?!?

    • LaToya

      That is sooo unacceptable! I don’t get people sometimes.

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