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If My Younger Self Met My Older Self

posted by LaToya on June 12, 2015

I stumbled across this picture the other day on Facebook with that new feature “you shared a memory with…” and it made me think about just how fast time flies. This is me and hubs 10 years ago!


Girlfriend and boyfriend (that sounds funny now) and we were celebrating him graduating from grad school. We were young, carefree and ready to move the world. I had just entered the workforce only a year prior. I was so enjoying making money. I had what I thought were bills but the non-struggle life was a welcome change from my college days. I slept in on Saturdays. Had breakfast for dinner if I wanted and I shared my space with no one. My biggest decisions were where to eat with my girlfriends on the weekend, what to wear for this and that and what trip I wanted to take next. It was easy living and the living was grreaatt. Just how it should be in your twenties.

And this is me today (well back in March) with a few new accessories. Sidebar: you can never take a picture with everyone looking in the same direction and smiling when it involves kids.  If you had told me in 2005, that in 2015 I would be married with two kids I probably would have laughed hysterically.


I ABSOLUTELY UNEQUIVOCALLY KNOW that I would not have been able to fathom the changes that parenting has meant for my life. If I took the time to write them down I am sure there would be at least two pages of shifts and life lessons my younger self would have never understood. But the way my life is setup right now I have no time for that sort of thing. Instead I will share a few things that quickly come to mind.

10 Things You Couldn’t Have Told Me 10 Years Ago..


My younger self would have never fully understood or appreciated this journey of motherhood that I am currently on. She would have certainly found great humor in my mommy fumbles. But I must say the experiences of my younger self (even the ones that made no sense or weren’t such wise decisions) have certainly helped me become a better version of myself at thirty-five and a half. And all of that makes me the perfect mother for my children. I guess that’s why I live life believing that “everything is by divine design!”

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