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Hanukkah Explained

posted by LaToya on December 15, 2014

This month Katelyn’s class has been learning about different religious celebrations this time of year. We (the parents) had not introduced any such conversation at the house. She only knows about Christmas, Jesus and Santa Clause. So I thought it was great that she would be exposed to the other festivities. 

Last week they learned about Hanukkah. Another student’s grandmother came to class to lead the discussion. As I understand it she also brought in a menorah and other items to illustrate the lesson. When Katelyn came home I wanted to find out what she had learned. So here it is folks… Hanukkah Explained by a 3 year old black baptist child

Me: Katelyn did you learn about Hanukkah today?

Katelyn: Yes. (never elaborates without prompting)

Me: What did you learn about Hanukkah?

Katelyn: Oh its like Lanukkah mommy.

Me: Say what?

Katelyn: Its just like La-nu-kah (as if I’m slow).

Me: Um okay Katelyn. I’m not sure what that means.

Katelyn: Lanukkah!!! You put it on your head. Can I have my gold my gold doubloons now? Mrs. Freeman said I could have them when I got home.

Me: Ohhh! You mean a yarmulke. Okay. Now what gold doubloons? Thats on Jake & Neverland pirates honey.

Katelyn: Noooo Kellys grandma gave us some. **the full out whine is in effect**

Me: *goes to school bag* finds a dredle and gelt (chocolate coins covered in gold paper). Okay Katelyn this is a dredle and these are called gelt its chocolate candy. Did you learn to play the dredle?

Katelyn: yes it goes on your head!

Me: Laughing hysterically!

And now you have been educated as well! LOL! It seems we have some ongoing education to tend to. Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas to all!

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