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posted by LaToya on December 1, 2015

I absolutely can not believe I have been unable to post in well over two months. Wait. That’s not entirely true. I CAN believe it. It’s been quite a whirl wind for me both personally and professionally. I’ve been busy and the family has been busy. Busy with travel, surprise parties, baby showers, a pre-k social calendar that rivals a celebrity, soccer, out-of-town guests and new job ventures. Simply put, I have to look back and say WOW WE DID ALL THAT!!!

In hindsight I am amazed. When I am IN IT though…well let’s just say there are days when it just all becomes sooo much. On those days, I am exhausted by 6pm. My head hurts by 7pm. I am starving and agitated by 8pm. And I am bathing kids while praying they are in bed by 8:30pm so I can just sit in one spot and stare into space and not move for at least 5min. It’s on those days that I have found myself looking forward to what has become a ritual for me God, Gatorade and a Hot Bath!

Sidebar: This isn’t a religious post but I wouldn’t be sharing my most authentic self with you if I didn’t say that my God gets me through EVERYTHING. Living in this crazy world I refuse to believe that “we” are in control. I want to… I need to put my faith into a God that is far superior and all-knowing. I hope you have a God you can turn to even if that isn’t what you call her. It’s so comforting to know I can call on my God at any time and that my best interest is his best interest. PREACH!

I run the hottest bath that I can stand. I’m talking H-O-T. No perm would survive. No natural would keep. In other words your hair won’t stand a chance. I completely block out my mother’s voice asking “and just who do you think is gonna pay this water bill?” and fill it all the waaayyy up. You know just before the overflow drain.  I sprinkle in some lavender Epsom salt to perfect the moment. Smells divine. I’m telling ya’ll it’s so HOT you need a Gatorade (or maybe Powerade is your brand) to survive; replace fluids. You may even need two because you may sweat a little alot. But I’m in need of this experience so bad that I am completely unbothered. It’s HOT but its soothing at the same time. It’s sooo relaxing. The muscle tension, the headache, the anxiety and worries for the day melt away. I’ve fallen asleep I’ve gotten so relaxed and comfortable. I’m sure if you consulted Dr. Google it would yield a list of scientifically proven benefits for a hot soak but I know them first hand. Trust me…IM A MOM. HA!

As I lay there soaking, I talk it all over with God. Sometimes it’s as simple as “give me strength”. Some times its Matthew 6:34 on repeat in my head. At other times it could be a good cry to release everything. I soak. I sip. I soak and I sip. I let the Gatorade give me life. YAASSSS! I soak until I can’t stand it anymore. It’s not Turks & Caicos. It’s not retail therapy. It’s not the spa. But it is 15-30min of MOM-ME time that I desperately need to refocus. And when I emerge I am renewed. I am relaxed. I am ready to sleep. I AINT GO NO WORRIES!

I will readily admit that I am not “SUPERMOM”. Nor do I desire to be. I actually detest the very notion that I should even attempt to live up to that title. Too much pressure if you ask me. That’s why this post is right on time. As the holidays approach, you all know that things don’t stop…won’t stop. Instead the opposite happens THEY TURN ALL THE WAY UP! Try not to let it consume you. When it gets to be too much maybe just maybe you will have to give my little ritual a try. GOD, GATORADE & A HOT BATH.


I would love to hear about your unwind ritual? Weird or otherwise..how do you ensure you’re able to do it all again tomorrow?


  • Sophia

    Hey Latoya,

    Can I get a love button for this post? why? because I am so darn close to telling you that is exactly how I unwind but I dropped the Gatorade for Wine. So mine is God, God, Wine & Hot Bath and of course with that dash of Epsom Salt and Lavender – turnt up. I have learnt that my go to person is my God for everything, he gives me that peace in the midst of every storm and I am so grateful that he is always there and reachable and there is no middle man to interrupt our conversation–except baby. Congrats in trying to do it all. It’s work in progress. Did you start a new job?

    • LaToya

      there should totally be a LOVE button! sometimes like just isn’t enough. wine is a great substitute. lol. but if i have a headache i abstain b/c it makes it worse (for me). im sooo glad you can relate though. it helps to know i am not alone out here. thanks for stopping by and reading and taking the time to comment!!! i really appreciate it.

      p.s. i still have my main job but added a new side gig teaching a public speaking course to middle school students and it is VERY exciting!

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