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Gobble Gobble…Give Thanks

posted by LaToya on November 27, 2014

It’s Thanksgiving! Yaaaayyyy! Thanksgiving never disappoints…all the Food you can eat. Family. Friends. Football and Naps. If you’re really lucky you might even get great Fall weather (my sincere apologies to those of you currently experiencing the polar vortex).

Although Thanksgiving has not been the same since my granny passed I still really love this time of year. Most of my family meets at my mother’s house. I think my favorite part, other than the food, is seeing 4 generations of family in one place. It’s truly amazing. To watch my almost 85 year old grandfather hold his great-grandson and pretend to feed baby dolls with his great-granddaughter just fills my heart. And once again I  have so much to be thankful for this year. 2014 has been filled with blessings beyond measure!

Instead of attempting to list all the people/things/moments I am thankful for I going to share a few thoughts on my first Thanksgiving with TWO children! Just as I got excited about a few days off from work I realized that both of the kids were coming down with colds. Perfect timing! So I already knew the holiday would be interesting! Let’s call this my Thanks BUT No Thanks list. It’s just a few of the less than precious moments that keeps things fun and unscripted.

Thanks BUT No Thanks to…

  1. the holiday traffic that makes your relatively short trip much longer than expected. kids confined to car seats for too long usually means impromptu outbursts by my daughter that “she can’t see granny’s house yet” or narrating her favorite cartoon aloud which in turn wakes the baby who then loses his paci and subsequently loses his s**t.
  2. the cootie cuddles and kisses that always result in me being sick along with the kids. my throat is already scratchy. and while i can appreciate the sharing is caring theory i wish there was some special vaccine for moms who care for babies with daycare heebee jeebees.
  3. the constant sneezing that my 3 y/o will do and refuse to cover up or wipe away with any sense of urgency. she literally sneezes and just allows it to linger. gross!
  4. the soulful sounds (i hope you caught that sarcasm) of my son waking what seems like every hour because he is simply feeling unwell.
  5. the whining my daughter will undoubtedly use to express her disdain at the amount of tissue I give her to wipe her nose or eyes.
  6. my mother suggesting for the 107th time that giving the baby cereal will solve all my problems. i honestly believe she is being secretly paid a commission by gerber with as much as she tries to sell me on starting cereal.
  7. phone calls from relatives with requests to see the babies. just how exactly did you deduce that it would be easier for me to pack up my car,  and tote (yes tote) two kids around the city vs. you coming to us? hmm…yes see the way my life is set up right now; i highly doubt this works out in your favor.
  8. having both kids completely off their daily schedules/routine making life next week a living nightmare. reprogramming them is always fun… said no parent ever. red or green pill?!?

I hope your Thanksgiving festivities were awesome! The holidays can be stressful. I hope that you enjoyed (and survived) quality time with your family! If you’re a new mom I hope the little ones survived as well!


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