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posted by LaToya on October 26, 2014

If you were to ever meet my daughter and she happened to offer you a “crumb”. DO NOT TAKE IT. I repeat…DO NOT TAKE IT!! Seriously. Even if you see her eating and feel somewhat confident that it is indeed a crumb…just remember my previous advice.Why? Because it literally could be ANYTHING. ¬†And for God sakes do not blindly eat any “crumbs” even if she promises that it will be yummy in your tummy.

Statistically speaking (sort of) you are much more likely to receive a non-crumb item from her than an actual crumb. Any of the following items are subject to be described as a “crumb”:

  • a rock/pebble
  • a leaf
  • a boogie
  • hardened eye secretions (we call it mack jack)
  • sand
  • an eye lash
  • dirt from anywhere (yes…anywhere)
  • an actual crumb

Just the other day she offered her dad a crumb and what was actually placed in his hand was the scab/skin from her most recent knee injury. Oh joy! I’m willing to bet a coca-cola and a donut that our toddler isnt the only thoughtful crumb giver. At least I’m hoping she isn’t…Eek!

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