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Breakfast is Served!

posted by LaToya on October 17, 2016

I figured it out ya’ll! I figured out why we (us moms) are a stone’s throw away from a “72hr hold” on any given day. Saturday morning, I announced I was making breakfast. Dad was home so I know he could entertain the kids (read: keep them out of my way) while I whipped up some hash browns, eggs, bacon and toast. It was an ambitious meal, given the 2yo scoffs at just about anything that doesn’t resemble a chicken nugget, but I was in a good mood and willing to take the chance.

I ran downstairs and preheated the oven. When I reached in the cabinet to get a pan, I noticed the floor really needed to be swept. I made a mental note. After I put the bacon in the oven I said to myself, “let’s just sweep the floors really quick. We have time.” But sweeping the kitchen turned into sweeping the adjacent living room and of course the entryway. Once you start you have to finish. Right? I got that done and started on the hash browns. By then, I was determined to declutter the cabinet tops from all the mail and school art projects that had collected over the course of the week. I noticed that while I swept the floors. When I finished that, I moved on to wiping them down. I stirred the hash browns. I wiped down counters. I seasoned the hash browns. I wiped down another counter.  A trip to the fridge to retrieve eggs, drew my eye to containers of leftovers that needed to be emptied.  I squeezed that in too. And as I put butter on the toast, I remembered that it was time to do laundry. I could certainly put a load in and get a head start before the kids came down. LORDT!!!


By the time I finished with breakfast the kitchen was spotless, laundry had been started, toys had been put away, the mail was sorted, art projects were recycled (don’t judge me) and the dishwasher had been reloaded. I was like a kick a** chore ninja!WHEW!!! I felt so accomplished. Then I thought about it, my mind is constantly on at least 5 or more things. I am always doing more than thing. I am ALWAYS multi-tasking whether it’s at work or at home. No wonder I am utterly exhausted around 6pm at precisely the same time the kids are TURNED ALL THE WAY UP. Am I alone in this? I am certain that there has to be a correlation between multi-tasking and the availability of brain cells. It has to be the reason I can’t remember where I put my keys but can rattle off the channels for Sprouts, Disney, PBS and Nick Jr (or other useless info) without skipping a beat. One of these days I’m going to get back to being able to focus on one thing at a time.  I promise!

By the by: everyone enjoyed breakfast. The 2yo refused the eggs. Surprise Surprise. Dad had the nerve to ask what took so long. The subsequent discussion would be an entirely new post. HA!


  • Kelli

    This is spot on! Love it! Except I would have burnt the bacon and forgot the eggs sifting mail!

    • LaToya

      HILARIOUS Kelli! That has been known to happen over this way on occasion too. Thanks for stopping by AND for commenting. I love hearing from readers!

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