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A Mom Must-Have

posted by LaToya on June 5, 2015

Every now and again I get invited to a baby shower (ha!) and unlike my pre-mom days I always know EXACTLY what to get my expecting mom-friends. Sure sure I will take a look at the registry. And just maybe I will select a few items I know the new mom will need or something that is simply too adorable to pass up. But there are a few must have items that new moms rarely know about so they never make the registry. These are those lesser known items that other mom-friends clue you in to based on experience. I won’t go through my entire list now (I’m saving that for a future post) but I will share one gift idea that, within my circle at least, had never been shared with me. How rude! Since I am a much nicer and thoughtful friend…I’m going to let you in on it too. Now I don’t get into product reviews BUT if I come across an item that I use and love because it makes my parenting life exponentially better I plan to share it with you all. That being said…

Drum roll please…Inchbug Orbit Labels.  If the new mom already has a name picked out I order Inchbug Orbit Labels. They come in a variety of colors and can be personalized with full name or initials. I purchase the preferred bottles from the registry and put the labels on and add them to my gift basket of goodies or diaper cake (if I have had time to be creative). Inchbug Orbit Labels (shown below) fit every bottle I have ever used. With my first child that means at least 6 different brands. (Don’t judge me!) Even more importantly, they can go from bottle to sippy cup when the little one transitions and from sippy cup to travel cup/athletic bottle. They are great for daycare because you no longer have to worry about writing a name on a label, sticking it on the bottle and then scrubbing to your hands are raw trying to remove the sticky residue that is left behind. If you’ve been there you know exactly what I mean. By the time you’ve graduated from the orbit labels you would have gotten your money’s worth ten-fold. When you purchase them you get a set of 4 labels. They are dishwasher and microwave safe.


If by chance the baby’s name is a secret or to-be determined I will opt for an Inchbug e-gift card which opens up a whole new level of possibilities. Inchbug is right up there with Etsy and Zulily in terms of the trouble you can get into shopping online. There is SOMETHING for EVERYTHING. In addition to the orbit labels, they have date stickies. We use them on baby food or even yogurt once we open it so we know when to discard. Daycare also requires a date on bottles to indicate when they were made. This is required whether they are breastmilk and formula. These stickies also come in several colors and you can peel them off without leaving a residue behind.


In our house we have also used (and continue to use) the tagpal clothing labels for both our little people. They are perfect for that extra set of clothing that is usually needed and required. Now that my oldest is in preschool, we label jackets, sweaters, mittens and hats…all those things that are notorious for getting lost or coming home without a mate. I have been amazed at how permanent these labels are despite all the washing. They are still in our little one’s clothes when we are ready to donate them because they has outgrown them! I literally have to peel them off. We also use the date labels for bottles and baby food sent to daycare.  I just recently ordered the shoepal tags and allergy labels. Katelyn is now learning left from right and we think these will help reinforce that. The shoepal tags will also come in handy when we visit Monkey Joes or any where else we have to remove shoes and place them among a sea of other lightup footwear. It is not uncommon for little people to get their shoes mixed-up. Katelyn is allergic to seafood so for summer camp we thought the allergy labels might be helpful. I could buy much more but I stopped at what I really needed right now. You should really check out the website to see for yourself all the goodies they offer. Everything from pacifiers to backpacks to travel accessories for adults. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.


I also have to comment that Inchbug has incredible customer service as well. I made an error on a previous order and did not have to deal with several layers of automatic responses or pressing *1 or yelling RE-PRE-SEN-TA-TIVE 50 times before getting a live person. A live-person is what you get on the FIRST try unless they are closed. That is rare today. The rep I talked with corrected my order without any hassle. And when I contacted Inchbug about writing this post they graciously offered to send me a set of free orbit labels. The ones you see pictured in Sailor Blue!  How awesome is that!?! Apparently, Inchbug has been around since 2004. I stumbled upon them after seeing an advertisement in Parents Magazine while waiting to see our pediatrician. Boy am I glad about it! They pride themselves on providing safe products that make life simple. If there is one thing that I need on a regular basis it is SIMPLE. And that is why Inchbug makes my “must-have” list for both new and veteran moms. You should try them out.

As a special gift to WHAT DOING MOMMY?!? readers (that’s you), Inchbug is offering 20% off their Original and 3D Orbit labels. All you have to do is enter the following coupon code at checkout: orbit20. This offer is only valid through June 12, 2015. After that you’re on your own!!!

Be sure to let me know in the comments section if you decide to try Inchbug. I would love to know what you think about their products.  If you have previously used Inchbug before share your favorite product. And if I personally know you, I am giving you a thumbs down for not sharing Inchbug with me sooner!

Happy Shopping! And as always thanks for reading!

disclaimer: Other than the complimentary orbit labels I did not receive monetary compensation or any other gratis items from Inchbug nor will I receive compensation for the number of visitors that use the discount code above. To be completely honest, this post would have been written even if Inchbug had not suggested sending me a gift. I was already a loyal customer.

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